What Can Venom Do – The Superpowers You Didn’t Know Venom Has

The Venom Heroic Moves With Cool Superpowers

Venom is gonna be hitting the big screen in October with the solo movie starring Tom Hardy. Judging by the trailers this definitely isn’t gonna have the light feel of spider-man homecoming.

The recent venom trailer showed us the character doing some pretty crazy stuff. So what exactly can this guy do? Let’s check out some super powers you might not have known he has.

1. Power Cloning

After a relatively tamed first teaser for venom the second trailer showed us some of the crazy stuff this character is capable of.

One super power that it didn’t seem to touch on is his ability to kind of clone powers and absorb them for himself.

When the Venom symbiote or symbiote as they call it in the movies exposed to spider-man venom gets the ability to climb walls. It also gives him his own version of web slinging with unlimited web to boot.

This also means that as venom is exposed to more and more people and heroes with abilities, he’ll get stronger and stronger absorbing whatever powers they have.

2. Shape-Shifting

The new trailer gave us some glimpses at the Venom symbiote getting defensive as Eddie Brock gets attacked. It also expands out to grab things and generally act like a self-aware sticky play.

Another way venom can use that shape-shifting skill is two move parts of himself into weapons. We’re talking axes knives shields whatever he wants and it’s all bulletproof too.

This is a power that we most associate with carnage, but we have seen this in agent venom. Time will tell if this happens in the venom solo movie.

3. Spider Sense

Seeing as venom is a solo movie we probably won’t see him squaring up against spider-man, but if he did venom would have a pretty cool advantage thanks to this power.

Spider-man’s built-in warning system aka his spider sense, lets him know of impending danger and it triggers his super reflexes to save him from threats.

Venom however is immune to the spider sense meaning he doesn’t trigger the alert pretty good advantage in a fight, not only that but he also has his own version of the spider sense power letting him react to threats in a split second.

4. Multiple Venom’s

If you’d been wondering how they can make a solo venom movie this power is probably the answer to that question. The recent trailer for the Tom Hardy film seems to put a lot of emphasis on the fact that venom isn’t just a do.

Venom is a symbiote that can spread to multiple people. Meaning Eddie Brock won’t be the only one affected by this.

In the upcoming film it’s also gonna be pretty hard for anyone to fight this thing since it’s not just one person. Army of venom symbiotes anyone?

marvel venom verse event

5. Camouflage

If Venom’s powers that we’ve gone through so far aren’t scary enough what’seven scarier is that his enemies might not even be able to see him coming.

That’s because venom has the ability to blend in with his surroundings. Not unlike a chameleon just a whole lot less cute.

This gets especially messed up when you combine this with the fact that he can’t be detected by spider sense or even somebody with good reflexes for that matter.

It’s not clear if we’ll see this power in the venom movie but if we do it’ll bring it all to a whole new level.

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