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What’s Your Best Marvel Action Figure This Year?


For this article we’re going to be counting down the top 10 Marvel Action Figures Legends. You all know there are a ton of Marvel Legends toy. Bees made a whole bunch of them and a lot of them are really good, while some of them are really bad. So this list is just the top 10 action figures that we could really recommend to all marvel fans. We must mention that these are the ones that have been released as of the time this article was being written and they really stood out to us as some of the best. There are a lot of other figures that could be interchanged into this list with time but these are the ones that we came up with.

10. Wolverine


Out of the package is an outstanding piece, its one of the best wolverine action figures where they capture the physique of Logan. The Action figure got great articulation in plastic form. The Wolverine action figure always does come with great accessories like interchangeable heads and hands with great texture and the removable claws are awesome too. The also come with shoulder pads that are really great at a glance.

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9. Ant-Man And The Wasp


The legends Ant-man out of the packaging has a unique detail of the cinematic costumes. This time the ant-man figure is very accurate out of the packaging.
Details of the figure are absolutely accurate, with a very shinny glassy look on the red and grey material. It has a soft PVC material for the belt and boots look is extremely sharp and accurate. However it has no accessories except the interchangeable helmet with a head. For the wasp, it has its clear, sharp and shinny golden material on its body with a smaller helmet than the ant-man. It also have some close-able and removable white wings. However it also does come with another backpack of retractile wings that one can interchange.

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8. Black Panther


The T’çhalla out of the packaging has various body molds and shape designs. It doesn’t come with too many accessories but for the need of mention we get two pairs of interchangeable hands with wide open claw fingers that look really great. From the figure, we note his densely emasculation all over the body which is not the case in the movie as it should be only in the upper body. The sculpt work on the figure is excellent must say that.The sculpted details are are great with awesome texture and finishing. The stand out T’çhalla necklace is very shinny in particular which is very great.

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7. Deadpool


The Deadpool action figure does not really have that many weapons as expected but the body mold is fantastic. For the accessories i think we expect much of weapons such as the new katana swords but too bad they are quite short. They also come a nice sheet on the back unto which the katanas fit perfectly well. The red and black head sculpt is pretty much great. The body mold is quite dense and muscular too and also got a nice belt which could stock several weapons. You can also swap the head sculpt with the Wade Wilson head sculpt from the juggernaut wave onto the figure too.

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6. Thanos


Looking at the great design of the figure it has some beautiful detail with a lot of bright colors and great hard edges of the armor. Onto the accessories side it does come with interchangeable heads. The head sculpt design is really great with a realistic take on it and many color variations. The body mold and the arms details have great musculature. Around the fisted arm, we also get the infinity gauntlet with the infinity stones too which look fantastic too. The is also a twist around the body abdomen which lets you decide on the side to which the action figure faces. One good thing is that the figure got lots of movable parts from the head sculpt to the arms and the legs which is fantastic.

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5. Iron Spider-Man


The new Iron spider out of the packaging has several poses depending on the one you choose of course. However, this figure does not come with any interchangeable parts. The body has a glossy red material with cool texture on it. The logo in detail had a great pattern with a nice color variation of red, navy blue and gold. The figure has movable and 360 rotatable arms and legs. For the hands and head they are removable and one can put the Peter Parker head sculpt with cool articulation.The ab crest is also movable forward and backwards and waist swivel depending on your best shape and style.

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4. Gladiator Hulk


This is often an overlooked figure and it’s covered in unique sculpt work and fancy paint work. It’s a really eye-catching figure and it has some decent articulation to go with it if you’re looking for a Hulk figure that doesn’t look like your standard green normal-looking Hulk this is definitely the one to get. It’s going to stand out on the shelf and be pretty impressive.It does come with interchangeable parts like the head sculpt. Other accessories do include a pair of fisted hands and a pair of weapons holding hands and the weapons too. The body mold is quite dense and emasculated with really soft texture which is really great. Around the body is great looking leather Armour which is also removable too. Most body parts of the figure are also movable while others are rotatable which if great. However the figure quite feels a bit hefty compared to other action figures which is really nothing at all anyway.

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3. Thor


Thor, lord of thunder out of the packaging has really decent articulation and great details on the body mold. When it comes to accessories you must know he is a weapon character too so we expect the two swords that look awesome in details of texture but a bit shorter. Then of course there is the lightning bolts which look cool and are made of translucent blue plastic. Also other accessories include interchangeable pairs of fisted hands and weapon holding hands. The arms are less muscular and a bit weak which is unfortunate as we expect a less dense body and more musculature arms for the Thor Ragnarok & Infinity War figure. The parts are movable too with also a diaphragm and waist swivel and rotatable arms too.

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2. Captain America


The avengers Captain America he’s got some really nice paint detail he’s got some really nice sculpted detail. It does have a little bit of a strange design for the traps and neck area and his head might be a little bit too small but he’s easily the best classic looking Captain America. The only one that’s even comparable is the face-off cap which if you want the true classic look is better. This guy has a much better paint job and overall better quality. The accessories are not that much as its only the two pair of hands that is the fisted hands and the gloved shield’s hand. Also comes with the vibranium shield as an accessory but only one and not two. The face sculpt is pretty cool with nice details of the hair as seen in the movie. The body mold is cool but is surrounded with his great blue amour whose material is great.

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1. Iron Man


Iron man out of the package is a 6 inch figure machine with a brand new mold which looks pretty cool with fine detailed sculpt throughout the body. As far as accessories goes, there is not much to have but only two sets of interchangeable hands which are the fisted hands and the wide open repulse blasts hands. More to that there is also the effect pieces in teal. Its easy to realize that this figure is actually really good it’s got a ton of awesome sculpt work a pretty decent paint job and pretty solid articulation also. When it comes to the shading in the amour the overall appeal of the figure is just fantastic. The only thing wrong with this guy is the gold lining could be a little bit shinier or a little less dull otherwise it’s perfect. It does have lots of movable parts unlike any other figure which is a nice thing depending on your favorite style and shape of the iron man figure.

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Most marvel fans that do love action figures will actually get the feeling and the honor of having their favorite characters from the movies. The level of detail and accuracy in their Armour and body molds is also nut cracker.Having the heroes or the villain’s action figure is a really great honor to the marvel community. If you are a fan or perhaps your id loves to play with these figure in today’s current golden age of Marvel cinema, then its your high chance to get these action figures every holiday or after every movie release to be updated. They also work really cool as display pieces that bring out the best in what you really love.

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