The Predator Teaser Trailer Review- Does It Expose Too Much?

Review and Breakdown of The Predator 4 Movie Trailer

The Predator 2018 and its teaser trailer is here, the long-awaited trailer. This is gonna be the breakdown kind of Easter eggs review about what’s been missed from the trailer and kind of things that you might not know.

So first and foremost we open on Halloween to Jacob Tremblay’s character receiving a box or at least opening the box which his father Boyd Holbrook, Quinn McKenna in the film has sent him.



A quick peak is that, Shane Black has returned as the writer and director of the known predator movie, and clearly, he has had a nut to crack with Spielberg.

Now this is predator technology and we basically see that you know he’s messing around with the technology. This character, the child has autism and thus this is used as a plot point to understanding the predator language.


Basically he’s messing around with the predator technology and a remote control leaves the predator ship coming to crash to earth. It is a special ship called the arc and that’s where things kind of kick off.

Moving along from there we obviously see some various action pieces Olivia Munn’s character protecting Jacob Tremblay. The Olivia Munn’s character in this is a scientist and we get that at the end when she says although attempting to hybridize themselves.

This is a big plot point to the movie. The predators collect trophies spine up spinal cords because they splice the DNA of those that they hunt into themselves.


Unfortunately we do see the predator in the trailer. They blew it up by featuring it. They wouldn’t have gonna load all over the screen but nevertheless they did.

Many were looking forward to them keeping this a bit of a secret. However it does look good and no big issue with the design of the predator.

We also see a recurrence from the AVP movies with the disc blades that’s taken from the original AVP. We also get a great shot of the predator picking up Quinn McKenna board Holbrook’s character and smash them into the wall.

On the shot, is one of the dissident predators. If you didn’t know there are predators that are working with humans and this is one of them. From the location they’re in a building this is in a government facility.

It is a good trailer for a film that shouldn’t have shown too much of the actual predator in this trailer. However I do feel it’s a bit of a shame but more-so there are at least about four predators in this movie. They have only shown us one or two so it’s not that bad.

Besides that the ark coming and crashing down on the earth key key point. The hybridization of predators again another key point to the script key point to the reinvention of the whole law to be perfectly honest the acting looks fine.

We don’t really see too much to be perfectly honest this is apparently a teaser for the predator movie. The full trailer will be out in a month or so, maybe two months as this movie does come out in September 14.

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Guys let us know what you think about the trailer. Do drop all your thoughts down below in the comment section. This really is kind of more of a discussion based on the teaser video than anything else.

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