The Original Title For The Avengers 4 Movie Leaked

Today’s newsflash speculation entails about the Avengers 4 title which has officially reached fever pitch levels with the release of Avengers infinity war. Theories have run rampant from endgame, to avenge us, to Secret Wars and Beyond. Now a new report has revealed that there was a title in place for a long time before a leak forced a change.

Jeremy Conrad over at MCU cosmic has revealed that Avengers 4 was actually titled Infinity Gauntlet for a long time during the production hub the film. Conrad notes that this is why members of the press were so adamant that it was the title even in the face of denials from the Russo brothers in Kevin Feige.

So why, the change well as you might remember Zoe Saldana accidentally let the name slip to premiere for guardians of the galaxy vol 2. At the time it was seen as unconfirmed maybe just a slip of the tongue by her as it hadn’t been officially announced yet.

“We all have to go back for Gauntlet later this year”, she said.

According to this statement it may be true because her character Gamora was killed off in infinity War. More-so its romoured that all the surviving Avengers would use the time stone to travel back in time and save the fallen partners.

As it turns out that was going to be the title of the film and Saldana accidentally revealing it early was what forced the title to be changed. Ultimately though, we may see it wind up being called Infinity Gauntlet after all but you never know.

The Infinity Gauntlet name actually makes a ton of sense from a comic book standing point. Essentially infinity war played the role of Thanos quest, a two-part miniseries in precursor to the original Infinity Gauntlet story line which saw the mad Titan collecting all of the infinity gems much like he did in the movie.

Joe and Anthony Russo, the two directing people behind the two Avengers movies, on May 30 tweeted in response to fan’s query, if the reason why Marvel was keeping the title so close to their chest was because it spoiled certain plots points in Infinity War. They said yes to that query. The Russo brothers also confirmed that no fan theory had come close to figuring out the title. However they said that Avengers, Forever came dangerously close.

Whether or not this title is retained is unconfirmed still. From the MCU cosmic reports, the Infinity Gauntlet title was the only consistent title used by the cast and crew during the back to back filming of the two Avengers movies.
Having the Avengers Infinity War destroying box office records, all eyes are now on Avengers 4, which will feature our favorite heros’ final stand against the super-villain, Thanos.

The romoured title is a great reference to Thanos’ weapon which caries all the infinity stones. The gauntlet has the power of destroying half the universe with a single snap, as seen in the Infinity war movie.

Let us know in the comments section down below what you think of this revelation and if you think Infinity Gauntlet will ultimately be the title of the film.

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October 17, 2019

title has only added to the excitement and fans have been trying to guess what it is ever since. It seems that the wait is now over, thanks to cinematographer and long-time Russo Brothers collaborator, Trent Opaloch.

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