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Which Avenger Will Kill Thanos?

Worthy Avengers, we can bust arms dealers all the live long day but that up there, that’s that’s the endgame how are you guys planning on beating them, Together. We’ll lose, and we’ll do that together too.

Hey everyone, yes that’s right the gang is going to try to kill Thanos but it won’t be easy.

Today we’re going to share the best strategy to kill the mad Titan, how it went down in the comic books, and our predictions on how the good guys will come out victorious by the end of infinity war or Avengers 4.

Unfortunately I don’t think everyone’s gonna make it out this alive. It’s a comic book movie it’s okay.

First off let’s eliminate all the Marvel characters that can definitely take out Thanos but they’re not a part of the MCU, at least not yet.

That takes care of Silver Surfer, Galactus, Vulcan and Jean Grey. Jean Grey paired with the Phoenix force is damn near unstoppable in the comics and while the film’s haven’t come close to the comic version remember she still did horrible things to apocalypse.

Avengers infinity war promises to have some major winner-take-all battles with the mad Titan. In fact the Russo brothers have told fans to make sure to bring some tissues on hand because some fan favorites will meet their untimely demise in the film.

So it’s highly unlikely that the gang ends up eating swarmin in the final scene and it’s more likely. That said we wondered which characters could theoretically outsmart and kill thanos.

This list will cover a few of the major Marvel heroes who have bested Thanos in the comics and stand a chance to honestly defeat him in infinity war or Avengers 4.

1. Spider Man

spiderman Thanos

Let’s start off with everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spider Man. In the comics Believe It or Not Spiderman has taken down Thanos with his good old-fashioned never-say-die spirit.

In Marvel’s two-in-one annual number two he throws his body at a containment tank where the Avengers are being held breaking it open and unleashing them on Thanos.

His act of selflessness gave the Avengers one more shot at Thanos and chances are high that this scenario will play out in one of the next two Avengers films.

Many fans believe that this will be Tony Stark’s last ride in Avengers 4.

But we don’t think it will be Spideman that sacrifices himself at the end. In fact from what we’ve seen in the trailers it looks like Spiderman may be the one who needs saving.

2. Iron Man

thanos iron man

Now to be clear Ironman probably wouldn’t stand a chance against the mad Titan one-on-one. Even without the Infinity stones, Stannis is one of the strongest beans in the universe.

With that said we don’t see a scenario where Iron Man isn’t involved in the downfall of the mad Titan. Wow after all Iron Man kick-started the whole MCU.

Unless stark is able to control one of the Infinity stones the chances are extremely slim that Tony will be the one to kill Thanos.

3. Captain America

thanos captain

Will it be Captain America? Just like Tony it’s long speculated that he’ll be killed just like in the comics. Infinity Gauntlet number 4

Thanos easily wipes out the heroes one by one and Captain America was one of the last heroes left standing in his final moments he gives a powerful speech that marks the turning of the tide for Thanos.

The Avengers would finally bring down fan out shortly thereafter. Just like Ironman we see a scenario where cap sacrifices himself to give another Avenger a chance to deliver the final blow.

4. Thor

thor ragnarok avengers infinity war

Technically Thor has defeated Thanos in the comics all be it it was a clone of Thanos though they had the same powers.

The god of thunder is a major candidate to deal the final blow to Thanos in some fashion. Even the Russo brothers jumped on the Thor hypetrain and recently said that they consider the two main characters of infinity war are Thanos and Thor.

From what we’ve seen in the trailers Thor will see the destruction of thanos firsthand and will need to forge a new weapon to bring down Thanos and the Black Order.

Don’t be surprised if storm breakers the key to chopping that gauntlet right off a fan else’s arm.

5. Odin

odin thanos

What about Odin Odin has the powers to bring down Thanos in a matter of seconds. In the comics Odin has brought down Silver Surfer and the mad Titan.

So could the all-father be called in to help out the Avengers? Well it seems Marvel didn’t want that Deus Ex conundrum to take place so they did this by creating a memory space.

6. Hulk

Thanos vs Hulk Avengers Infinity War

Yeah I don’t think he’s coming back in a level playing field with Hulk and Thanos , Hulk is likely to come out on top. Hulk is physically one of the strongest and most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe.

His limitless strength usually depends on his emotions, especially his rage. With that said it’s very likely that Thanos will use the stones he has on the gauntlet to either trap Hulk somewhere or knock him as far away from the battle as possible.

Thanos will want nothing to do with doctrine especially after what he witnessed hope due to the Chitauri and the god.

7. The guardians of the galaxy

Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy in Avengers Infinity War

It will play a major role in Thano’s downfall. Hell yea in the comics Drax was able to kill thanos by ripping his heart out and years ago fans thought that very scenario could play out in Avengers infinity war yet it seems way more likely that Thanos is killed by another Guardian two to be exact.

Gamora and Nebula seemed to be the major keys to winning the battle against the mad Titan.

Marvel has been hinting at it in the most recent trailer by showing a flashback to the moment Thanos claims Gamora as his child.

The daughters of Panos have more emotional connection than almost anyone else. We predict a scenario where either Gamora or nebula are sacrificed by Thanos to gain control of all the Infinity stones.

Such action could cause one of the siblings to take the revenge against Thanos due to his damned hubris. In the comics nebula was able to best Thanos by grabbing the gauntlet when he leaves his body in a comatose state.

It’s more than likely that Gamora or nebula will rip the gauntlet right off of Thanos. Maybe with the help of storm breaker?

Okay so they get the gauntlet off of Thanos but who has the power to put it on and strike that final blow? Is it Thor, is it Iron Man, is it Captain America, no, we think it’s a different captain.

8. Carol Danvers


The newest person joining us Captain Marvel herself brie Larson. The superhero origins of Carol Danvers will be explored in Captain Marvel next year which is mostly set in the 90s.

There’s a big reason why it’s the last movie before Avengers 4 concludes the current version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Well it’s because she’s the most powerful hero. With Adam warlock out of action until Guardians three Marvel may switch its iconic shot of Adam wielding the gauntlet to kill Thanos to – Captain Marvel.

Danvers may be the only Avenger strong enough to put on the gauntlet and send panels off to an eternity of darkness.

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Okay so I’m gonna go with nebula taking the gauntlet away from Thanos by maybe the help of maybe Stormbreaker.

Thor cuts his arm off or something and then Captain Marvel picks it up and knocks him into oblivion. That works right?

Okay let us know how you think fan else is going to die in the comments section down below and keep it here – @Wearfilms.

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