The Main Spoilers From Game Of Thrones Set – Game of Thrones Season 8

The Bolton’s are defeated, the war is over, winter has come. If the masters are right it’ll be the coldest one in a thousand years. We should ride home and wait out the coming storms. The war is not over and I promise you friend the true enemy won’t wait out the storm, he brings the storm.

Welcome for the new Game of Thrones Season eight update article.  I had to stop the breakdown content for now so I could bring you these brand new spoilers coming from Watchers on my balls over on the free folk subreddit.

Before going any further let’s just take a moment to appreciate that username Watchers on my balls.

That’s definitely not shots fired but anyhow this person uploaded photos that shows the aftermath of one of the biggest battles in Game of Thrones history, and yes I’m talking about that battle the battle the Great War.

According to this person there will be at least two major deaths during this battle, but I will discuss that near the end in case some of you don’t want to hear any of the big potential spoilers.

Leaked Images From Imgur

First let’s talk about this battle that’s taking place in the north most likely at Winterfell. Most of us already know they have been filming some action sequences at the Winterfell.

They completely refurbished the castle and fitted it with some new defensive weapons. They filmed there for a few weeks and some photos and videos were leaked during that time.

As we all know the castle was set on fire and there was images of hundreds of corpses scattered across the battlements.

Copy of Game Of Thrones Season 8 Teaser Promo Official Trailer HBO GoT8

I think it’s anyone’s guess at this point but needless to say, this will probably be the biggest battle in Game of Thrones history.

According to Watchers on my balls there is some additional information that they were unable to get.

This person says Jaime Lannister will die in brianne’s arms and Melisandre will fight the night king by herself and hold her own for a time but she will ultimately lose, but it also says during this battle Melisandre will display the power of being able to control the night Kings army and turn them against him.

First it might be true about the part of Jamie dying in Brian’s arms. Its most likely that Jamie would die in this battle and he would die in the arms of the woman that he loves but that woman would be Brienne.

Personally that’s not too crazy of a thing to say and it would be nice if there was some more proof of this happening.

Also from a report  that just came out a few days ago and it said Jaime and Brienne was seen filming on the set together fighting side-by-side.


It also said Jaime Lannister has a much bigger beard this season we all know Jaime was heading north so it’s very possible that he would be involved in the Great War.

We also know Jaime only has one hand and he can barely defend himself these days he has nearly died in every fight he has been in since he lost his sword hand.

When you consider the scale of this battle, every main character will find themselves what their bags pushed up against the wall.

Unfortunately for Jamie he is not a competent swordsman that he once was. It is very likely that he could fall on the battlefield.

It is likely that Jaime would die trying to save someone maybe one of the Starks or trying to save Brienne but I don’t want to spend too much time on this until there is further proof.

internet is dark and full of spoilers game of thrones melisandre

Now the part about Melisandre is fascinating because we have never seen her display powers quite like these.

If anyone was going to be able to take over the knight king’s army it would have to be bran stark, because Bran already has very strong warding abilities like the knight Cain but if Melisandre does this it completely changes everything.

This could turn into a true battle of real or versus the great or ice versus fire. Melisandre had a big part to play still but I never expected her to do something like this. Hope this is true because it would be good to see this happen actually.

Melisandre said she was leaving Westeros but she also said she would be coming back and she told Jon before she left Winterfell that she could help him defeat the night King but she never said how she could help him.


We have seen Thoreau’s and Melisandre resurrect the dead before, but we have yet to see them control the dead. Unless you want to consider John and barracks still dead.

If Melisandre was able to turn the night Kings army against him this would add a completely new dynamic to her abilities. Still trying to wrap my head around how she would be able to do this, if it would happen to be true.

Let us know what you think about these new developments, what do you think about what this person said about Jamie and Melisandre do you believe it or not?

Let us know because we are interested in knowing what other people have to say about this down in the comments section below.

If anything else comes out about this then I will make another article and go further into what I believe about Melisandre’s role in the great war.

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I want to thank everyone for stopping by to read this quick update article and I also want to thank all of my supporters on patreon. I really appreciate everyone’s support have a great day I will see you in the next one bye.

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