Deadpool 2 “The Trailer”- Everything You Need To Know Before Watching The Movie

Deadpool 2 “The Trailer” Breakdown

Welcome back to another all new trailer breakdown this time coming over the trailer for Deadpool 2. This is the first trailer that doesn’t have some sort of shtick attached to it hence the title The trailer“.

The first one obviously was the Bob Ross parody wet-on-wet and the second was Deadpool meets cable which introduced audiences to everyone’s favorite time-traveling cyborg.

This trailer is your much more standard teaser for the film, but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t still give us some massive hints about what the film is going to cover. The motivations of certain characters and how a certain team comes together. No worries though, the synopsis is still the same.

The trailer opens with dopinder helping deadpool escape an angry mob in a really really funny sequence, but this and the sequence of shots after it make it seem like Deadpool has really been doing the hero thing is more of a career choice, since the first movie.

Something that was set up at the end of that film but with Deadpool you never know if the follow-through is gonna be there.

These heroics including what looks like a long drawn-out action sequence involving the Yakuza are interrupted by the arrival of Josh Brolin’s Cable, who really similarly just throws a wrench into his whole life.

It was promised that cable would be a time traveler but we didn’t really know what his mission in the past would be until now. In this trailer were told that he’s here for a kid aka “the hunt for the Wilderland Denison” playing a pyrokinetic of some kind.

But why? We don’t know but if they follow the typical terminator esque model for cable it’s a safe bet that the kid causes massive devastation in the future. Either by himself or being used as a weapon by someone else.

What exactly cable wants here is unknown. Personally it sounds to me like he wants to kill Denison’s character to stop some future calamity, but he also could simply be trying to bring him back to the future to help in the war that’s molded cables life.

Interestingly enough, whatever the case may be it looks like cable will be played as a straight-up villain in this film more terminator 1 than Terminator 2. But that may just be a little bit of the movie trailer magic at work.

At Vanessa’s urging Deadpool attempts to protect the kid from cable and that seems like the primary driver for our plot or at least a primary driver for the creation of x-force.

It looks like Deadpool is the one forming X-force this time around with the help of ZZ beats Domino and a few other choice characters. Who exactly these characters are? we don’t know for sure and we won’t know for sure until the movie comes out. However there are a few candidates as far as we know Domino is going to be one of the movie’s main characters and one of the main members of x-force.

We also see negasonic teenage warhead and colossus returning though whether or not they’re part of the X-force is unclear as we don’t really see them in the plane later. Quick aside, there is a hilarious sequence of Deadpool and Professor X’s chair which also shows off that the X mentioned prominently displays portraits of Abraham Lincoln which makes sense and Obama.

Of the other mysterious mutants we get a better look at Bill skarsgård who’s rumored to be playing the acid-spitting mutant zeitgeist and also what does look like shatter star in the trailer, again both of whom we saw in the last trailer. We also get a better look at Terry Crews whose character has been a little bit more of a mystery and driven a lot more speculation.

Initially many thought he could be playing George Washington Bridge hero best known for being on the mutant team six-pack but it was also on x-force as well.

A quick shot like a blink and you miss it shot in the trailer which is hilariously enough Deadpool looking at the head shots for prospective x-force members might have actually revealed him to be playing a different character. Bedlam, a mutant you can create bioelectric fields with a wealth of covert ops experience.

In this same sequence we also see a head shot of someone simply listed as Peter and of course the first thing that comes to mind is Peter Rasputin’s aka Colossus. Well that might still be the case.

We also get to see Japanese actress Shioli kitsune as character for the first time, which according to Jeremy Conrad is a new character named Yoyki. I don’t think there’s any connection to a character from the comics but apparently she is negasonic girlfriend in the film and and always weighed a lot.

For better or worse it looks like Deadpool is gonna get thrown in jail at some point in this film and interesting enough it looks like that’s where he runs into cable. It might not be the first time they meet. This is where he learns Cable is after the kid Julian Dennison so potentially, this is very early on in the film.

The trailer ends with a really funny shot, there potentially not being future movies after this one with weasel and Deadpool talking about how they won’t make a third film about killing it in the second movie. However, even if they decide they don’t want to make a Deadpool 3 under Disney they still will be back for x-force. So this isn’t the last time you’re gonna be seeing most of these characters.

In the context of all the drama surrounding the film this trailer is a little bit hard to digest.

Personally, it looks great and its exciting to see the film but that said, the report that there isn’t enough Domino and Cable and that’s what the reshoots are fixing is kind of interesting, as it looks like they’re both featured pretty prominently in the movie at least from their usage rate in this trailer.

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Let us know what you thought about the trailer in the comment section down below and if I missed anything but that’s gonna do it for now.

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