Ant-Man And The Wasp Trailer Explained With Avengers Infinity War Review.

So how long have you been ant-man again? Not long, I just sort of happened. I wish i could find bad guys like you. I seem to mess it up almost every time. Maybe you just need someone watch your back, like a partner.

This is gonna be the Ant-man and the Wasp trailer review. We.ll also explain how this is tied to Infinity war and Avengers 4, because the movie is coming out after infinity war but it starts before the events of infinity war.

The big MacGuffin this time not so much being the Pym particles but being the actual quantum realm itself like they say that the ghosts stole his tech when he opened up the quantum realm.

We also get a good look at the ghost with her mask off so it’s a gender bent ghost it’s Hannah Jon came in. In the comics ghost is just a super thief not a grand world conquering villain in the vein of Magneto or someone like Loki in the first Avengers movie.

So the quantum realm is the MacGuffin of the film we’ll see what it is that they pull from that that the super villain wants so much that will allow them to take over the world.

Because there’s usually people abusing or stealing Pym technology then trying to use that to take over the world like Hydra was trying to get it during the first ant-man movie.

This movie although you know mostly this movie has been pitched to me as the rescue of the original wasp Janet Van Dyne played by Michelle Pfeiffer from the quantum realm.

So this ghost quantum realm high stuff is probably what gives them the reason to go back into the quantum realm and then think about rescuing Janet Van Dyne.

3381904 antmanandthewasp

So there’s still a lot of information that we don’t have about the quantum realm in this trailer yet. It does look like this shot is the og wasp because hopes costume has yellow highlights the og wasp costume has red highlights.

You may have noticed that she’s on the poster though in her original wasp costume you don’t get a really good look at her because she’s behind Scott in the image above.

This is what she’s going to look like in present day when they come out of the quanta realm.

The idea being that this is a prequel to infinity war they want it to be like a fun heist film that’s a bit of a respite from the dire consequences of infinity war like everyone’s kind of reeling from the end of that movie, they want to have a fun summer movie.

These heroes are gonna be bigger characters during Avengers 4 there needs to be some connective tissue.

The big theory now is that they go into the quantum realm at some point in the movie. Time moves differently there they’re probably protected from Thanos finger-snap it would be an amazing post-credit scene if they came back out of the quantum realm to a post finger-snap universe.

However, Sebastian Stan did say that there was a shot during Avengers 4 where they had like everybody on screen together. He did reveal that Hank Pym and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Janet Van Dyne were among people in that crowd of the shot.

Meaning that they might not get turned to ash during the course of a man in the wasp maybe because they’re also in the quantum realm with hope and Scott.

Either way we get to Avengers 4 Hank Pym in Michelle Pfeiffer’s Janet Van Dyne are alive at some point though remember we all expect those people that got turned to ash to come back.

Just remember that the gems are still intact regardless of Thanos melted looking gauntlet.

If the whole idea of its soul world is a different dimension within the soul gem in the quantum realm is a different dimension that they shrink down into, maybe they’ll find a creative way to use ant-man and the wasp abilities besides just getting really big.

antmanandthewasp trailer1 breakdown giantman boat

The avengers needed somebody who could get bigger, so hank Pym suggested bill foster Goliath became the new giant man for a period during the comics.

This is like way back during the 70s. So the funny thing about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is like they say that Ant Man was young and active during the Cold War. That’s when Janet Van Dyne was lost to the quantum realm was back during the 80s.

You have to imagine that around that same time they were also doing these Goliath experiments.

Just imagine a young version of Laurence Fishburne being a protege of a younger version of Michael Douglas sort of like a Tony Stark Spider Man situation. Usually Hank Pym has a lot of fallout in the relationships of his life.


Ant Man Wasp Movie Connections Infinity War Avengers

Just to bring it back around to infinity war during the course of the movie they said that ant-man and Hawkeye were on house arrest because Captain America broke them out of the raft.

Remember they had already been arrested after the airport battle. They said that they cut a deal because their families just couldn’t deal with them being on the run.

So during the events of infinity war Hawkeye is back with his family on the farm in Scott is with his family where they believed that ant-man has been with his family.

Like at the beginning of the trailer his daughters like how long have you been ant-man again because we don’t see any of that house arrest bracelet we saw in the first trailer.

That’s probably the very beginning of the timeline right after Civil War.

It just makes sense that at the end of the movie there’s a post-credits scene that deals with the post Thanos’ finger-snap universe where half of all people are gone, or maybe they come back out of the quantum realm and Scott goes to kiss his daughter goodnight and she just starts to turn to ash.

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This seems like a very low-level use of their abilities, think about quantum realm as being more of the grand fulfillment of those abilities you can take it way beyond this funny boss battle.

You now know how they.ll use their abilities during Avengers 4. Let me know in the comments down below on how you think they use their abilities during Avengers 4 besides just becoming big like giant man as they have done on the trailer.

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