5 Things You May Still Not Know About The Modern Avengers

If you’re a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or the decades of comics that preceded it, you probably have a pretty good handle on the state of the franchise. You’ve seen all the secret endings, you’ve heard all the theories, you know which comic issues have inspired specific plot lines, etc. But in what’s essentially an entertainment empire of this magnitude, there’s always something more to know, or something new to learn.

This is my look at some of the things even hardcore fans may not realize about the modern Avengers.

1. Loki Was Nearly Thor

This heading basically speaks for itself, and while this is something Marvel diehards have probably heard, it’s actually a surprisingly little-known nugget. But there’s even video evidence! Tom Hiddleston auditioned to be Thor, and wound up with Loki instead, in what we have to say with perfect hindsight was definitely the right outcome. Hiddleston is naturally blonde, fairly tall, and even put on 20 pounds of muscle for the audition.

2. The Avengers Used To Have Casino Games

You probably know about LEGO Marvel video games, mobile RPGs and fighters, and even rumored Avengers games for big time consoles and VR systems. What you may not know is that until fairly recently the franchises’ gaming empire also included territory in the online slot realm. Games in this category include all sorts of themes and inspirations, some original and some pulled from novels, films, and comic books. DC, in fact, still has its heroes in the slot gaming space, but Disney elected to pull the Marvel games out.

3. The Films Cater To Locations

This is a small thing, but one of the cooler little nuggets that people have realized in the Avengers films is that in little ways they cater to different audiences in different parts of the world. For instance, when Captain America goes through his Austin Powers-like list of things he might have missed while frozen for decades, the items on the list were different in different areas. For instance, The Beatles made the list for UK showings, and Steve Erwin was there for Australia.

4. There’s An Indiana Jones Link

This is another nugget uncovered by diligent fans. But evidently there’s a possibility that Indiana Jones and the Avengers exist in the same universe. And at its current rate of expansion I wouldn’t be entirely shocked to see the MCU somehow work in the connection. At any rate, in Captain America: The First Avenger, Red Skull makes a reference to the Fuhrer digging in the desert, which is more or less the core of the plot of Raiders Of The Lost Arc.

5. At Least 20 Films Remain

Kevin Feige has been quoted as saying there are another 20 movies on the docket that are completely different from anything that’s come before. That’s absolutely extraordinary given the size of this empire already, and it confirms what many fans suspected about Infinity War, which is that it was essentially setting up a changing of the guard to a new set of core heroes. Basically, we may be about at intermission of this whole wild ride right about now.

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